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Surfing Precautions
  • Surfing equipment choices

    Choose to suit oneself of the surf, safety rope, life jackets, etc. Whether or not to bring a complete, beginners can let the experienced people to help choose the surf, beginners generally choose soft board.

  • The preparation for surfing

    Beginners to advance training, foot training, water, holding breath training, these are surfing must learn, the actual surfing still have some experience, a number of professionals consult, start surfing beginners do not surf alone, injured people surf carefully.

  • Be careful when surfing

    If you are bitten by a jellyfish while surfing, go back to the shore immediately and deal with the wound in time. Do warm-up exercise for 20 minutes before entering the sea. Do not pull the surfboard and the safety rope when the surfboard and the wave collide, so as to prevent strain.

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